Sharing The Planet

\Child_Labor07.10.08_0These are 5 most important things I learned in this unit.

1. People can make a diffrence

2. Not everyone can have a wealthy life

3. Most of the girls can’t go to school and has to stay home to help the family, or go out and work

4. We should all help the poor and give them a wealthy life

5. People should stop child labour and give them child rights

Sharing The Planet is a title from our unit inquiry and it is going to end today.

We should always give some money to the charity boxes.

Don’t do child labour and let them be with their mom and dad!ChildRights2_eng-sm-3

The unit is about helping children and we already made our own P.S.A.s and we also made our own recount stories about child labour.

It is not good if they don’t have education…


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10 thoughts on “Sharing The Planet

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  2. I am Darius or Flori and I’m from Chalone Peaks Middle School, I think what yhou say is true but one thing I don’t agree with is giving money out. Wellto charity yeah but a lot of people say they are poor ust to get money. Whast do youm think am I right or Wrong please respnd and live a comment to my blog page

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  4. I’m Nirintorn Boonsin .I’m from Thammasat University .I think that good.I agree with is”SO REMEMBER TO GIVE CHARITY AND DON’T DO CHILD LABOUR!”.but one think .I think the people we help each other is good and do not exploit children, it is a good thing, too. Because the child is a human on the planet.and you ,are you agree with me???

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