Shark Water

Hiya! Today, we went to see this video about how sharks are getting extinct. It was one true story! The name was Shark Water. Here’s a photo of the guy who loved the ocean, loved the sea, loved the underworld nature. He’s just fabulous! His name is Rob Stewart. And here’s a trailer for Shark Water. And I hope that you will watch it next month!sharkwater_ver2_subcom3


Have you ever been on the receiving end of bullying? How did it feel?

I have been on the  receiving end of bullying before. I was being bullied by one of my friends! She started to ignore me and making me feel disliked. Then she started to ditch me. Then they started to take away my friends. So I felt very annoyed, angry and sad. I was angry because of the bullying. I was sad because she took away my friends. I was annoyed because she was one of my good friends and she ditched me. If you learned from my true story then good for you!

Hope you won’t bully someone like the bully in my story!

Eagle 20

P.S.  Don’t bully someone else too!

Adora Skitak

Hi! Today is a half day and in period 3, we watched this show about Adora Skitak. We learned that she is very smart and she also teaches people and classes on skype. Just now, Ms. Cahusac said that her friend was in one of the audience and he went to talk to Adora. He told her that Ms. Cahusac was a teacher and they talked a lot about Adora going on Skype to chat and teach us stuff.

I’m really looking forward to that!

See ya!   Eagle 20

My Personality

Hi! Today we went to this website to see what our are. personalities are. My Personality was this.Click to view my Personality Profile page

It’s cool right? Do you want to make one yourself now? Then click on this website! (CLICK HERE!)

First, we did a guess what we really are, and we did the test and see if our results are the same or different.  My answers were half right half not right.

These were my guesses:

1. Musical




Hope you enjoy the post!


Photo Of The Day

Capybara_baby_bottleGuess what? We are doing photo of the day again!
since YOU already know how, but if you don’t, you can go to the bottom of my page and you can find out how to play there. So here is the picture.

Guess what this animal is and what it is doing

Sharing The Planet

\Child_Labor07.10.08_0These are 5 most important things I learned in this unit.

1. People can make a diffrence

2. Not everyone can have a wealthy life

3. Most of the girls can’t go to school and has to stay home to help the family, or go out and work

4. We should all help the poor and give them a wealthy life

5. People should stop child labour and give them child rights

Sharing The Planet is a title from our unit inquiry and it is going to end today.

We should always give some money to the charity boxes.

Don’t do child labour and let them be with their mom and dad!ChildRights2_eng-sm-3

The unit is about helping children and we already made our own P.S.A.s and we also made our own recount stories about child labour.

It is not good if they don’t have education…


Type soon!

Eagle 20